About Us


Hi, and welcome to VirtualReality101.com. My name’s Steve, I’m the owner and creator of the site. If you’re looking for info on VR head mounted displays – and the experiences, games, and videos that you can enjoy with the technology – the target of this site is to deliver everything you’ll need.

So why build a site about VR and head mounted displays?

I first picked up on the potential of VR after reading about headsets a couple of years ago – but at the time that full potential didn’t sink in – so I filed it away under ‘something to follow deeper in a couple of years’…given my 7 year old son, young beagle, and full time day job were all vying along with other normal daily stuff for attention. There were not enough hours in the day, and there still aren’t!

And then towards the end of 2015 it struck me. The full import of what VR can offer. It’s massive. The more I thought, the greater the passion grew for the subject.

I studied, read everything I could. And as I read, ideas started to formulate. I had to get the thoughts down. There has been much written, but I thought I had some original ideas. From this, VirtualReality101 was born.

So since mid Jan 2016 I’ve learned how to use WordPress from scratch, installed a theme, and kicked off the 4am starts and late nights trying to build the site.

My son (now 9) still wants to play games before school in the morning, the dog still wants 3-4 miles of walking a day, and the day job keeps getting in the way. But the site is growing slowly and surely.

It’s far from perfect. There are design errors I need to fix. Cosmetic maybe, but the fix is needed. It has an awful long way to go before I’ve covered the subject in enough depth to be truly proud of….and presented it in a well laid out, intuitive, easy to follow way. I’m conscious that there is no visible end to what could be written.

Which makes me all the more determined to build it. The structure is there. The knowledge is there. It’s all about getting enough time to get it all down.

For anyone new to virtual reality technology and experiences, I think you’d gain useful knowledge from it right now. For anyone already clued up, perhaps it’ll be worth waiting till I’ve covered some of the deeper nuances.

Either way, virtual reality is now firmly on my list of interests. Hopefully I can share some new insights into how it can be used, if not expanding on some of the more obvious ways.



So on VirtualReality101.com the plan is to get as many of these listed and reviewed, and build up a resource that’s going to tell you what is available, what might be available, how good it is, and what it’s going to cost. It’s early 2016 as I write, and the year ahead is likely to see interesting developments.

I want to build VirtualReality101 into a site that encourages the exploration of VR. That’s the noble intent, let’s see if I can pull it off.