Playstation VR Bundle

Get The Lowdown On What's Included In Playstation VR Headset Bundles

What Is Included In The Playstation VR Bundle

Playstation VR Bundle

By the time the Playstation VR headset bundle goes on official release in October 2016, Sony’s main competitors will already have been available for a good few months. They’re good. So good that virtual reality fans with a pocket full of cash will quite likely already have bought one.

But Sony’s masterpiece is strongly positioned to be competitive, and may well turn out to be the biggest selling device. The main focus leading up to its appearance will not be how good it is compared to other VR headsets, but on what’s included for early buyers.

On this page we’ll take a look at exactly what Sony do intend to include in the VR bundle package, and precisely what you’ll be getting for your hard-earned cash.



Bundle Basics

The pre-order phase kicked off on March 22nd 2016, with the choice of ordering just the $400 headset on its own, or a $500 bundled package.

First off, that $400/£350 headset price does not of course include a Playstation 4 console. Chances are if you’re reading this that you’ll already have one, but if not you’ll need to be factoring in that cost.

The $500 bundled package includes a collection of VR games, the PS camera which is essential for the whole experience, two Move controllers which are needed for some of the games, a set of headphones, and any connectors or cables required


Bundle Pricing Around The World

US $500

Canada CAD700

India Rs 40000

UK & Europe          Headset only £350 from Amazon, £380 Gameseek with camera, £390 Game with camera. Bundles not expected to be released until later in 2016.



What Can You Do With It?

Aside from playing a range of 50 games that are expected to be ready by launch date, you’ll also be able to use the PS VR to play ‘theatre mode’ standard games and even watch movies or videos – all as if you’re watching on a giant screen right in front of your eyes.

Even 3D gets a look-in. You thought 3D was dead, right? But the new headset will be able to play any 3D titles you got your hands on.



What Games Are Included In The Bundle?

So what games will actually be ready when the headset goes on general release, and which of those might be bundled with a purchase of the headset itself?

Initial reports suggest the bundled games will be:


  • VR Luge – fast and furious downhill action
  • Dangerball
  • Into The Deep – deep under the ocean
  • Scavengers Odyssey – Science fiction shooter
  • London Heist – gangster type car battles


The bundled games list is of course different from the launch list, ie those games which will be available to buy at launch date. Sony are saying there will be 50, though it’s clear that not all will be immediately ready. These include:

  • Until Dawn/Rush Of Blood   –  Horror shooter
  • 100ft Robot Golf   –  Arcade type wacky golf
  • Ace Combat 7   –  Fighter jet dogfighting
  • Playroom VR   –  Multiple robot minigames for VR
  • Battlezone   –  Sci-fi space ship shooter
  • RIGS   –  Shooter in battle arena
  • Tumble VR   –  Puzzle type stacking games


Can You Use Two Headsets On One Console?

One of the biggest promises of virtual reality is in the social aspect. The ability to have shared experiences in VR environments. Unfortunately this won’t be possible at first with the Playstation VR, though surely Sony will be trying to find a way to make this work for the future.




We’re all used to wireless connectivity to drive the current crop of games consoles. But the processing power needed to drive VR experiences is too high for current in-home wireless transmission.

Unfortunately this means that your PS VR headset will need to be connected to the PS4 via a cable. This will be plugged into the back of the headset, but sitting between it and the console will be another connector box that controls the power.

The cable and connector box will of course be included in the bundle.



What Changes Could We See To The Bundle Before Release?

Early reports suggest the Playstation Move motion controllers just aren’t good enough to give an accurate presentation of actual movements in a VR experience, so this is probably one area that Sony will focus on before release.

Game titles will obviously be subject to change, though it’s unlikely any pricing will change.



How To Reduce The Bundle Price

As we get closer to October, and towards Christmas and Black Friday, there’s a chance we’ll see some reduced price deals. Although the likely popularity of the PS VR may well mean that the price holds steady for some time.

Hopefully we will see some bundle deals though, but one way you could reduce the overall cost would be to see if you can get the camera and Move controllers on the second hand market.