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Using the internet to get hold of information on any subject is easy. But can you trust everything you read?

Websites can have different reasons for sharing information. Sure if what you’re looking at is a well known site, then most likely you can trust that what you’re reading is at least partially accurate, if not totally.

But to get real information – from people who probably have no vested background reason for sharing it – one of the best ways is by using forum discussions. These offer a great way to find like-minded enthusiasts who you can share information with and learn new stuff. As far as virtual reality goes, finding a useful forum will help answer any questions you might have around the headsets or content.



One of the great benefits of forums in general is they’re often frequented by helpful members that are keen to share what they know, plus broaden their own horizons through discussion. Joining one will give you an opportunity to share your views with others who might share a deep interest in the technology.

If you want to find impartial VR equipment reviews, breaking news, or the latest developments then you can be sure there are forums that cover all of these subjects as either their entire focus or as part of specific sections that cover the general technology or certain products.

Whether you’re an expert in the VR field or a novice just starting out you’ll be able to get help and engage with others who share the same interests, and reap the benefits of belonging to a focussed and supportive community.

Forum pages will often feature news on great deals, and new technology or software releases. If you’ve signed up to receive updates from the VirtualReality101 newsletter you’ll already be getting this valuable information, but still there could be stuff that comes up that you’ll only find on a VR related forum.

The real value in forums is of course that they’re intended for that debate and the sharing of info in a community environment, and many do carry specific sections which encourage members to post their own virtual reality device reviews or information to expand on a forum post or to kick off new discussions.


Using Forums

Often you don’t even have to be a member to search for info, only if you want to make comments. Most forums are free to join too, though occasionally there are charges for enhanced memberships that will let you get access to ‘hidden’ sections.



Finding A VR Forum

Many forums you’ll come across that contain threads or posts on virtual reality technology are general gaming, computer, smartphone, or audio visual related forums, as opposed to dedicated VR. But as we move into 2016 and beyond and the technology begins to take a foothold, it will be no surprise to see dedicated VR forums that cover every aspect.

Either way, you will always be able to find a thread that’s interesting. I’m not aware of any yet, but there is a strong possibility you’ll also find that some of the major virtual reality equipment manufacturers run user forums associated with their official sites.

I must admit I would love to run a forum right here. We could build a genuinely interested user base. But the reality is that running a forum takes considerable effort. Effort which – at this stage at least – is better off being put into building the informational aspects of the site.
So for now, and to help you find useful forum threads, I’m going to list any valuable ones I’ve found on this page. This should help identify where you’ll be able to find a good selection of positive and negative info on VR, and participate in discussion around it.


Useful VR Forum Threads – Digital Spy Forums: billed as the number one showbiz, entertainment and digital media community. This link takes you to the search result showing all VR related forum threads. – High quality discussion forum dedicated to Home Theater and associated products. AVSForum is a little behind and doesn’t contain many VR focussed threads. But this one on the Oculus Rift stands out as a good starting point.

CNET Forums VR Search – CNET is a wildly well trafficked technology site. CNET forums are a highly valuable resource for anything related to technology, including every aspect of virtual reality.

Searching reveals a wide selection of virtual reality related threads.


Manufacturers VR Forums

Samsung Developers Forum – this Samsung forum is focussed on the development of VR applications. It carries a wide range of tools, tips, and technical documentation essential for creating high quality VR experiences. Not exactly the best for the casual user, but will be useful for the more creative among us.

The Sony Playstation Forum – Sony need no introduction. If you want the latest news on the Playstation VR, this is the place to go.