Virtual Reality 101

Give Your Home A VR Makeover – Interior Design In Virtual Reality

We’ve seen that virtual reality is not just limited to entertainment uses. There’s plenty more the technology has to offer. One such useful alternative to entertainment based experiences is in interior and home design, where being able to visualise an end result before you’ve got to it is paramount.

For anyone kicking off a new home improvement project – as long as they already have a VR headset of course – there’s an app on the Google Play Store known a iStaging which does the job perfectly. The app allows you to see what a room will look like just be replacing small items such as a cushion, or larger such as furniture or curtains, right through to full wall, carpet, and general colour scheme changes.

It’s easy to use, free, and works on a drag and drop principle where you just drop items into place and position with a mouse. In fact the best feature is more augmented reality than virtual, allowing you to preview the appearance of  items overlaid against real presentations of your home in real time and real sizes.

Not sure what to try? Get inspired with example layouts from professional designers.

Want to get the views of friends and family? The social feature lets you take photos of your design ideas and share on social networking sites.

Don’t know which types of furnishings to try out? You’ll be spoilt for choice with ideas with a range of options from around the world including furniture from Italy, Chinese art, and general styling based on contemporary, chic, classical, zen, or art deco.

iStaging works with many of the VR headsets on the market, including Google Cardboard, the Carl Zeiss VR One, Baofeng glasses, Homido VR, Archos VR and of course the big name devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Try it out and feel free to send anything you’re proud of in for publication here on VirtualReality101. Just drop a line into the comments box below and I’ll send a link.