Virtual Reality 101

Google’s Own Ground-Breaking VR Headset?

It’s clear that Google want a very big slice of the virtual reality pie, and they might just grab it if the rumours are true that they have a headset under development which will work as a standalone device. That is, it won’t need a PC, console, or smartphone connection.


So far there is a clear hierarchy in devices, with smartphone powered headsets acting as an entry point to the technology and PC powered units seen as the next step up. Sony’s Playstation VR hasn’t yet made its appearance, but looks sure to take a leading position.


But a totally untethered device would have broad appeal, assuming it can deliver the high quality experience that’s essential, and without power/battery problems.


We’ll have to wait and see, but we could be looking at the start of a battle for supremacy even before the technology has gained mass appeal.