Virtual Reality 101

New Graphics Cards To Reduce VR Cost Of Entry

Even before the Oculus Rift shipped the big shock to hit the headlines was that you’d need a potentially expensive review of your PC’s power capabilities. Seems that very few desktop PCs would be able to meet the requirements.

This prompted much talk of a VR ready PC program to make sure the new headsets weren’t left in no-mans land. That would appear to be a good solution for anyone picking up their first headset and wanting a ready packaged PC alongside it without having to work out all the ins and outs.

But not everyone needs to buy a full PC. It may be that just the graphics card needs some attention.

The first recommendations for graphics cards were for units at around a $350 price tag. Not great when added to the headset cost at around $600.

AMD might be the solution. They’re releasing their breakthrough Polaris GPU’s at a reported price of around $250, made possible but technology that reduces the device size significantly.