What Part Does 5G Play In The Future Of Virtual Reality

Shared virtual reality experiences – as in shared between users in separate locations – are what the idea of social VR is all about. Two or more people perhaps thousands of miles apart, interacting in the same virtual space. It’s one of the applications of VR technology that really could propel it into everyday use.

Clearly when the technology is available it’s going to need fast connectivity between participants. Enter 5G.


What Is 5G?

We’ve only just seen the start of 4G, and already there’s talk of the next iteration. 5G promises connectivity speeds 100 times faster than what we have now. Speeds which will deliver perfect virtual engagements via wireless and across a variety of devices.


When Is It Coming?

It’ll be a few years till we see widespread 5G at an affordable price, though it could be as early as 2018 to actually see what it can do.


What Can You Do?

It feels like VR was made for something like 5G to come along. The timing is perfect. The experiences afforded by VR still need some fine tuning and development to deliver the level of interpersonal engagement that some say are its true strength, and by the time 5G is available those improvements should have been introduced.

Being able to chat with friends in different parts of the world as if they’re standing next to you, playing in a virtual game environment but miles apart in real life, sitting round a virtual campfire in the mountains. They’re all possibilities, and without any lag too.


Of course 5G has multiple other uses, and it’s a key element of those future visions of driverless cars, health checks and operations over the internet, real life quality videoconferencing, and superfast downloads of media or info to your computer or smartphone.

These applications are all just waiting for the arrival of reliable, ultra fast networking availability. Each has significant benefits for the way we run our day to day lives, and for virtual reality devices 5G really does promise the realisation of current visions where there is a VR headset in every home.

One which gives you the power to be anywhere, go anywhere, and share the experiences in perfect unison.