Virtual Reality Resources

Welcome to the information hub of - a core guiding set of resources designed to lead you through the maze of VR related info.

Build your basic and deeper knowledge of virtual reality experiences, hardware and software.


With such a wide ranging subject as virtual reality it’s nigh on impossible for one website to cover every aspect fully. But collectively across the internet you will be able to find an answer to every question on our subject.

This resources page of VirtualReality101 will serve as a central hub for everything related to VR.

VirtualReality101 is of course growing into a valuable resource in its own right. From here you can reach a number of useful internal pages, most of which carry information unique to the site. Where supplementary info is useful you’ll find links to other sites which provide valuable additional insight.

Useful resources come in a number of guises, so here’s a rundown of what we’ll cover:




I’ve mentioned that we have a huge subject on our hands. The potential reach of VR is almost immeasurable and we’ll need help to cover it all. This page presents a collection of different VR related websites, all hand chosen for the depth and variety of information they provide.



The FAQ page of VirtualReality101 is designed to answer the most obvious questions that’ll come up around the technology, it’s uses and hardware, and the experiences themselves.


Buying Guides

With a range of different hardware and software working in a variety of combinations to deliver the ultimate VR experiences, you’re going to need to be spending money at some point. Buying guides are useful for understanding what you’ll need to consider before laying out any hard-earned cash.

Check out the first in the series which is arguably the most important – the guide to buying a VR headset.



They say a picture conveys a thousand words. Arguably a well made video can convey many thousands in one go. Here’s a collection of the most informative VR-related videos for those moments when you’ve got an hour or three to spare.


People In VR

The core value in any technology lies in the people that have input to its creation and growth. In the world of virtual reality there are a number of key names to be aware of. Experts in the field, drivers and proponents of the technologies employed, and those who clearly have a passion for future expansion and developments.



We do most of our research online these days, so books have taken somewhat of a back seat given the wide range of info that’s freely available in seconds on your phone, tablet, or PC. They still have their place though, and many of us still prefer our reading opportunities in the form that grew as the primary method of gathering knowledge through the ages.

There are a handful of books written on virtual reality that are essential reading for anyone wanting a firm understanding of the history and foundation principles of our subject.



There’s nothing quite like a well-trafficked forum for finding out more about any subject, and virtual reality is no different. On this collection of forum threads you’ll be able to pose questions, help with answers, and generally discuss any industry news alongside other posters with a similar passion for the subject.


News & Developments

There are 1001 sources of news and developments in the VR industry, covering every aspect of devices, software, and experiences. Many of these sources are represented on the websites page, but for VirtualReality101 I’ll be writing up anything interesting on the blog section of the site – titled the Developments & Futures page – or if it’s a short snippet of news on the news in brief page.