Virtual Reality Video Collection

A video is worth 1.8 million words? While that's an arguable stat (and you might want to read this article that explains how it was derived) there is no arguing that video does illustrate any subject in an easily digested and simple, understandable way.

So here we have a collection of some of the best illustrators for the delights of virtual reality - a series of videos hand-picked to effectively demonstrate some of the fascinating games, deep learning opportunities, unforgettable entertainment, and memorable exploration experiences that VR can deliver.


Trailer for the addictive game Audioshield, where you'll need to deflect a never ending stream of coloured orbs that come at you from all directions. It's a great illustration of the fun you can have with VR.

Here's a very short introductory type video of the Fantastic Contraption game where you're invited to build none other than a virtual reality......Fantastic Contraption! Create whatever virtual masterpiece you can conceive.