The Forerunner Of Virtual Reality Casino Games

Is LimoPlay’s 3D Slots Game A Daddy To Full Blown VR Slots?

Limoplay 3D Slots Game

One area where there is great potential for virtual reality entertainment is in casino gaming. I say gaming, but of course this really means gambling.

Casinos take money.

Yours, and lot’s of it if you’re not careful.

But it is possible to play casino games cautiously, and with slots being one of the most popular they’re a prime target for the attention of VR developers.

Limoplay are a fairly new online casino, with their first appearance online in the last quarter of 2015.


The casino is based on a platform designed to give an air of luxury, inspired by images of limousines and high living.


The Johnny the Octopus 3D Slots Game

Billed as the first true 3D slots game, if interest explodes in this form of gambling we can expect to see full virtual reality examples in future.

In this 3D version, there are very few static elements. You’ll be acting the part of a swashbucking pirate (the Johnny of the title). Now retired, the once fearsome figure is willing to share his ill-gotten treasures with anyone that wants to spend a few coins trying to find them.

Walk a ‘real’ ocean floor with animated sea creatures, dodge the sunlight striking the sea bed, and see bubbles of air floating around. Each of the reel symbols has some 3D animation.

It’s great fun, and while 3D games are nowhere near immersive as their VR cousins it’s easy to see how all encompassing a VR version would be.

Maybe this particular slot won’t be the one that eventually gets the full virtual reality treatment, but there’s so much money in casino gaming (especially for the casinos and software developers) that it’s only a matter of time before we’re using headsets to walk into a virtual casino without even leaving home.

And there are some online casinos already working on delivering the full VR experience. Microgaming (one of the leading casino software providers) in particular are looking for the solution to giving casino regulars a realistic taste of the games without even needing to leave home.

Microgaming announced a development project in 2015 which we should see come to fruition in 2016. At the time they showed the popular table game of roulette. It’ll be interesting to see the final results of Microgaming’s efforts.

Here’s the presentation they delivered at an early 2016 affiliate convention in London: