What Is Google’s Project Tango

We know that Google stole a march with the early release of cardboard headsets. We know that there may be plans in the background for a more advanced headset, potentially similar to the Vive and Rift. That’s clear from recent Google announcements of special ‘dedicated to VR’ departments.

But is there more to the online giant’s next step into VR?

We should find out more from the output of the Google IO annual developer conference in mid May 2016, but there’s a real possibility we might hear an announcement of a device that’s modelled more on a smartphone type device than a high end PC-tethered one.

And the ultimate product may well appear as a result of Project Tango, something which has already been demonstrated.

That demo showed a headset that needs no connection to a PC, that allows the wearer to walk around unencumbered, and also interact with other headset wearers in the same virtual space in exactly the position they’re standing in real life.


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